Monday, October 29, 2007

Paleontologist lecturer "King of the Dino Geeks"

"King of the Dino Geeks," but University of Maryland paleontologist Tom Holtz is happy to have earned the heading. A dinosaur nut since he received a few plastic dino toys at age three, Holtz is now a standard authority on the beasts that fascinates us millions of years after their vanishing from Earth. But, says Holtz, knowing about these vanished creatures is more than being able to spout off the differences among diplodocoids and certatopsids. "We can lesson a lot from the dinosaurs - the evolution of life, the effects of climate change, the relationship between the living and non-living world."

Holtz has presently published "Dinosaurs, The Most absolute, Up-To-Date Encyclopedia for Dinosaur Lovers of All age," with fantastic illustrations by artist Luis V. Rey. In this Q&A, Holtz discussion about dinosaurs, their place in the history of the world and why even little kids can speak tongue distortion dinosaur names with relative ease. Holtz has been on a number of fossil digs, has written a number of dinosaur books for kids, and consulted on "Walking with Dinosaurs." He is working in the midst of the History Channel on a new program, "Jurassic Fight Club."


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