Monday, January 7, 2008

Biting insects destroy dinosaurs

Insects might have also made it harder for dinosaurs to endure by change the nature of plant life on Earth. Bees along with other pollinators aid to promote the fast spread of flowering plants, important to the loss of vegetarian dinosaur’s habitual food sources. As the plant intake dinosaurs reject, as a result would their predators.

The theory helps give details why dinosaurs took so extended to die off, the time at which the dinosaurs nowhere to be found, among the Cretaceous and Tertiary periods, is well-known as the K-T Boundary. Rising new diseases spread by biting insects, joint through the spread of flowering plants, and struggle with insects for plant resources, was "absolutely well-suited" with a extended process of death. In dinosaur faeces we bring into being nematodes, trematodes and even protozoa that might have caused dysentery and additional abdominal disturbances. The infective period of these intestinal fleas are passed by filth visiting insects.


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