Monday, January 14, 2008

Curious fish eating dinosaur contain crocodile like skull

A curious dinosaur has been shown to contain a skull that work like a fish eating crocodile, in spite of looking similar to a dinosaur. It also crazed two huge hand claws, conceivably used as snatch hooks to lift fish from the water. Somewhat digested fish scales plus teeth, and a dinosaur bone were bringing into being in the abdomen region of the animal, signifying that as a minimum of the time this dinosaur ate fish. Additionally, it had a very unusual skull that appears as part dinosaur and part crocodile.

The curious skull of Baryonyx is very stretch, with a bent or sinuous jaw margin as spot in large crocodiles and alligators. It moreover had chubby conical teeth, somewhat than the blade like jagged ones in meat eating dinosaurs, and a conspicuous spherical jaw tip that tire a rosette of teeth, more usually seen today in slender jawed fish eating crocodilians for example the Indian fish eating gharial.


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