Thursday, January 3, 2008

Scientists find out Asia's heaviest dinosaur in China

Scientists in central China's Henan Province proclaimed on Tuesday that they had unearthed fossils of the heaviest dinosaur in Asia. The fossils were find out in an region between Santun township and Liudian township in Ruyang county, along with the dinosaur which has an unusually large coelom , the body cavity that having the digestive area , has been recognized as Asia's heaviest said Wu Guochang, common engineer of the provincial land resources department.

The dinosaur measures 18 meters elongated and its sacrum , part of the vertebrae in the lower backside , is as large as 1.31 meters, creation it broader than to of the dinosaur fossil unearthed in Gansu last year, which was then recognized as Asia's heaviest dinosaur.

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