Monday, February 4, 2008

Dinosaur bones get there at Heritage Center

The fossils from an amazing dinosaur discover near Marmarth made their way to the North Dakota Heritage Center Monday morning. Stable the snow and cold, half dozen workforces spend more than half an hour work out how to carefully lift the 8,000 pound object outside a semi truck and into the Heritage Center. It arrived at this time from the Los Angeles area, where it was scanned by government scientists using a huge CAT scan like machine. A separate 1,500 pound piece with the animal's tail too is scheduled to get there at the Heritage Center. The dinosaur fossils, a duckbilled hadrosaur pet name Dakota is exceptional because it enclosed not only bones, although skin and tendons as well. It was original discovered by teenager Tyler Lyson on his uncle's farm in 1999 and fully dig out last year.


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