Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Minute dinosaur discovered

Scientists trust that they have found confirmation of a tiny pterodactyl in China. The toothless flying reptile one-time studied at Brazil's national museum, where it was found to enclose a wing length of just 250 millimeters (9.8 inches) and surprisingly with curved toes. The majority pterodactyl fossils are found in coastal areas except this specimen was discovered in the western part of China's Liaoning region, which would have been enclosed in forest 120 million years back.

Therefore, scientists have named the reptile "Nemicolopterus crypticus," which means 'secret flying forest dweller', Paleontologist Alexander Kellner thought: "The basic significance of this discovery is that it release up a new episode in the history of evolution of these flying reptiles." until now, we not at all know that these animals were adapted to be alive in the canopies of the trees, which be there the case of the Nemicolopterus. "The tiny fossilized reptile covers a skull that is not fully combined, so it died sooner than attainments of adulthood, although the ends of the bones were developed, so it was not a hatchling also.

Source: channel4.com.

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