Monday, March 17, 2008

Dinosaur Extinction Conspiracy:

Extinction of Dinosaur is a hot topic for discuss. New theories for the upheaval that killed the dinosaurs are offered every couple of years. We have viewed the substantiation and have decided to present our own theory.

Dinosaur extinction:

The majority scientists consider that dinosaurs went vanished about 50 to 65 million years ago. Most scientists have the same opinion that man's notion of dinosaurs has been bordered to the history 180 years or so (the word itself wasn't even invented until 1841). Therefore, if we ascertained evidence of man's acquaintance of (coexistence with) dinosaurs during the last couple of centuries, "science" (as we know it) would be turned upside down.

The Theory of Dinosaur Extinction:

Dinosaur Extinction is a topical occurrence. Many of the great sea and land monsters went wiped out in a comprehensive flood about 4400 years ago. Some of these individuals survived and populated earth with man, until they too went vanished as man killed them for sport, safety, and expansion (like black bears of Florida and bison of the Western U.S.). We know this theory is world-shattering to many! However, we must admit -- it's not imaginative. In fact, it's really not a conjecture at all. It's based on the instituted truth of the Biblical record -- a trace that's not dependant on mankind's ever-changing vision of science and reason.

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