Friday, April 18, 2008

Dino skeleton found on seashore

Not necessary to call scientists over the discovery of a large green dinosaur skeleton in Vernon Thursday morning. A city parks employee discovered the artificial bones on Kin seashore, a short outing from where it can generally be found, decorate the rooftop of the Okanagan Science Centre.

" Friday night somebody went up on the top and pushed off the skeleton "On Saturday morning people saw it on the land, somebody had pulled out the pieces and put down it in garbage cans. I was quite troubled about it for the reason that our volunteers spent hours to redecorate it.

"I guesstimate our dinosaur is not destroyed after all. "Plans were being prepared by the science centre to pick up the skeleton. The skeleton was completed by the late Marg Simm, one of the motivating forces at the back of the creation of the science centre.


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