Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Museum of Natural History carries out 'Fossil Guy' programs in April

Don Johnson, "The Fossil Guy," returns during April with educational agenda at 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon at the University Of Iowa Museum Of Natural History.
The progression and topics are as follows:

April 12: "Once Tyrannosaurs Roamed Montana." Johnson will match up to and dissimilarity the different types of tyrannosaurs. A full sized facsimile of the "Peck's Rex" Tyrannosaurus rex skull will be in the show, and viewers will be gifted to touch real T. Rex Fossils as Johnson shares his knowledge searching for tyrannosaurus fossils in the western United States.

April 19: "Duck billed Dinosaurs - Good-looking Faces of the Cretaceous." Viewers can gain knowledge about Don's favorite group of dinosaurs "the duckbills” and see a little of the fossil bones of "Laura, the Juvenile Duck billed Dinosaur." He'll tell regarding the duckbills, as well as how they used apex on their heads, what barricade they had against predatory dinosaurs, and how they lift up their young.

April 26: "Raptor Dinosaurs: Feathered Killers" In this assembly, Viewers will gain knowledge about the latest inventions of fossil dinosaurs with feather imitation in China, as well as feathered raptor dinosaurs. Johnson will also discover the close connection between these dinosaurs along with modern birds. Fossils found by the raptor dinosaurs can be study to get an entire picture of the world where they lived over 65 million years before.


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