Friday, May 23, 2008

Dinosaur footprints discovered on Arabian Peninsula

Dinosaur footprints recently discovered on the Arabian Peninsula is not just the first of their kind in the area, but they also make known more about the group behavior of the ancient animal.

The footprints left by a group of eleven plant eaters that walk on every four, along with a lone dino so as to stand on its hind legs, were found on a seashore mudflat in Yemen.

The second group of footprints, which start in the different direction, belonged to a straight standing dinosaur called an ornithopod. The scientists say it is not likely the sauropods were in risk or else felt in danger if they crossed pathway with the other dino, since it's too a plant eater.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

World's biggest dinosaur on show in Dubai

The world's biggest meat eating dinosaur named Sue is presently on show at Children's City in Dubai.

The show of huge 42-meter long model of Sue, in teamwork with the Field Museum in Chicago, also held a variety of actions for visiting children as part of their Crazy Bone Day programme. Children of all age group contribute in unearth old fossils as well as dinosaur bones in a big sand ditch using spades, archaeological tools and some still used their bare hands. With the children's favorite, Barney the dinosaur's theme song playing in the surroundings, children also took part in innovative contest such as 'Crazy puzzle' and 'Catch the Caveman'.

The attention was on of Sue. The creative T. Rex, Sue was found on an Indian reservation land in North America and is assumed to be 65 million years old. Visitors also have the chance to view exciting details about the T.Rex all the way through interactive shows like small video documentaries about the dinosaur.

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