Friday, July 4, 2008

Stolen fossils are back home in Argentina

Four tones of dinosaur bones and fossils stolen from Argentina are back home after they were seized whereas being sold on the US black marketplace.

They were welcomed in Buenos Aires at a formal ritual attended by superior Argentine military officers, diplomats and the US representative to Argentina. US police recovered the relics following Interpol received a tip-off.

The haul is considered to be the biggest amount of fossils smuggled in the olden times of the fossil black marketplace. An Argentine air force band played by the airport runway as a Hercules military transport plane landed and unloaded numerous well-wrapped crates holding four tones of fossilized tree trunks, dinosaur bones and fossils, prehistoric crab claws and much more.

All had been stolen from Argentina - almost certainly mixed with rocks and minerals exported to the US. They were revealed - some wrapped in Argentine newspapers - two years ago being sold at a mineral fair in Tucson, Arizona, following an anonymous tip-off to Interpol. But it is not effortless to move such an immense quantity of dinosaur bones and it has in use until currently to bring them home.

The United State ambassador in Buenos Aires, Earl Anthony Wayne, who has a dedicated own interest in rocks and bones, was one of those in charge for bringing the prehistoric cargo back to Argentina. Southern Argentina is rich in dinosaur remains with new ones, at times formerly unknown species, being discovered on a normal basis. On the other hand, the black marketplace trade in prehistoric remains is a profitable one and Argentina is pleased to get this exacting cargo back.

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