Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dinosaur fun planned for families

On Saturday, Aug. 16, at Stoudtburg Village in Adamstown, Dinosaur fans of all ages will have an exacting opportunity to discuss their passion with a renowned expert in the field as part of a special demonstration.

Jason Poole, a scientific artist who works for the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia and has a wealth of practice with paleontology projects across the world, will be hosting a free, hands-on seminar on dinosaurs from 1 to 4 p.m.

Poole said he expects that those who attend the session will take away knowledge of very old life that will spark a life-long interest in learning. Poole, a recognized expert in the field, is the creator of dinosaur illustrations that have comes out in publications for example National Geographic, with several books, together with the one he co-authored, The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt. He is as well the head fossil preparator for the Bahariya Dinosaur Project. In 2000, Poole was part of a team of scientists who found the second largest dinosaur known to have existed, Paralititan stromeri, and he co-authored the announcement of the 65-ton species of huge dinosaur in Science in June 2001.

Glenda, Poole's mother, the owner of the Village Sweet Shoppe at Stoudtburg Village said "Jason is most happy when covered in fossil dust, teaching people all that are cool about dinosaurs”, she also said that the program is part of a series of community-oriented programs devised by the store owners.

Glenda Poole said that "We aim to have amazing each month, together with lots of children's activities". "I've been surprised at the number of adults who are excited that we'll be doing this. We're eager for a big turnout." Musical entertainment will as well be available during the afternoon, with the Happy Dutchmen German Band slated to execute Guests are invited to take lawn chairs. For more detail on this event, visit www.stoudtburgvillage.com.

Source: zwire.com

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