Monday, September 22, 2008

In Chhattisgarh region Dinosaurs fossil discovered

A fossil, expected to be 60 centimeters long, has seemingly been discovered in a private house in Chhattisgarhs Dhamtari region.

The head of the discovered dino structure is nine centimeters in size, whereas the forefeet and rear feet are 8 centimeters and 25 centimeters in size correspondingly. “The skin and the teeth of the specimen are intact and it is an amazing finding.

Dr. Kenny of the Indian Forest Services said that “This seems to be a reptile or a predecessor of dinosaurs”. Rajesh Sharma, the first person to see the fossil at his ancestral house said “I was digging this piece of land when saw this fossil. I took it to my home but my wife asked me to throw it away. When I came out, other villagers were all set to buy it. But I was asked by my fellow citizen to submit it to the forest authorities. It looked fairly like a dinosaur”.

In accordance with Anand Kurejia, the reptile may have been 60 to 70 years old at the time of its death. The fossil has been sent to specialists in Ranchi for added study.


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