Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dinosaurs Invade Downtown

MOBILE, Alabama - It's not a runaway success movie, but Hela Sheth with the Exploreum says, It factually feels like Jurassic Park out here.

Sheth is talking about the latest Exploreum exhibit, ' Dinosaurs Alive!'

We have 12 animatronics dinosaurs. They shift, they roar, we have one dinosaur that even spits at you when you toddle by.

These animatronics dinosaurs run on air pressure and computers, which help the dinosaurs shift and roar.

Alan Sells is a presenter at this display. He says our bones are made from calcium; our giganotosaurus friend is made out of steel. And it's the same with all of our dinosaurs.

Even though this is an outdoor display, the dinosaurs won't have to fret about any rain.

His casing is made of polyurethane rubber. Fancy way of saying a blending of plastics and rubber to create him waterproof, because Lord knows it's going to rain here in Mobile.

You better rush before the dinosaurs become extinct, again. The exhibit tops in April. For more information, call 251-208-6873, or confirm out the Exploreum's website.

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