Saturday, February 20, 2010

Science Uncovers What Dinosaurs Really Looked Like

Scientists have wonderful powers. They can really go back in time and tell you what Dinosaurs look like. They can notify you where plants and babies come from. They’re similar to wizards in labcoats.

The most latest development? Scientists have decoded the complete-body patterns of a dinosaur, so you can see what it really looked like while it was breathing. And boy, does it seem to be kinda weird. Like something you’d fight in opposition to a Soul Caliber game, or a gigantic turkey that frequents dark Hollywood clubs and raves. Basically, totally bizarre.

How did they perform this? How did they dig up the cosmetology secrets of the dinosaurs that are not live and gone? They took pigments from protofeathers and examined them heavily. So the foremost dinosaur we have in complete color is the 155-million-year-old Anchiornis huxleyi. It seems like an irritable chicken-monster that will peck out your eyes in your sleep. It seems like Lady Gaga’s guard dog.

My question is, if science has been capable of colorizing dinosaurs, how long is it until we’ll be able to clone them? I predict at the most, two years, at which point you’ll be able to get teacup dinosaurs as house-pets, and try to make sure they don’t shred your pillows that you bought at Barney’s.

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