Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Colorful Dinosaur found out in China

Many scientists have long idea that Dinosaurs were brown or gray in color. But scientists examining the remains of a dinosaur say they have discover evidence it had brightl -colored feathers.

American and Chinese researchers rebuilt the feathers of a flightless dinosaur named Anchiornis huxleyi. The small, two-legged creature lived about one hundred-fifty million year before. It would have weighed only about 110 grams.

The researchers utilized an electron microscope and fossilized remains of thirty feathers that once covered the animal. The remains were found out in Liaoning Province in China.

Researchers learned melanosomes in the feathers. These small, color-producing structures created as the dinosaur was developing. The researchers compared the structures to the melanosomes that manage the color of feathers on modern birds. They were then able to recognize the colors of the Dinosaur feathers.

The researchers state that Anchiornis huxleyi appeared to have a dark gray or black body. They found that the pinnacle of the ancient creature was light brown in color. It had bright white wings. Each of the feathers had black on the last part.

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