Friday, May 21, 2010

Evidence of Dinosaur existence in Cameroon

Five men has came forward to say that they have witnessed an existence of dinosaur like creature in Cameroon. One men drew the image of the creature which resembled a Sauropod dinosaur with dermal spikes. Another man immitated the animals call. This muscled beast eats the molombo fruit and beats the crocodile with its serpentine tail. This animal was known as Mokele Mbembe locally.

Robert Gibbons says that the animal has an air sac which makes it shout loudly. Based on the witnesses sincerity and their fear, it was confirmed that Sauropod dinosaurs still exists. Woetzel, the president and CEO of CCR Data systems believes that these creatures still exist but he couldn’t find the beast. He can only gather dozens of eye witnesses near Boumba and Loponji rivers. Woetzel and William Gibbons were the first whites to penetrate the forest along the Boumba and Loponji rivers.

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