Sunday, June 27, 2010

An Undiscovered Bone Of Centrosaurus

In northern Alberta, Scientists says that they’ve discovered the uncovered largest dinosaur graveyard in the world so many fossils are found in the province.
A 2.3-square-kilometre bone bed containing thousands of bones belonging to a horned dinosaur called the centrosaurus which was found near Hilda, Alta., a community near the Saskatchewan border, according to David Eberth.He is a senior research assistant with the province's Royal Tyrrell Museum.
He said that the bone is looking very ugly. The bone bed is actually exposed, it's very patchy and exposed in outcrops along the beautiful landscapes along the South Saskatchewan River."In the late 1990s, the dino graveyard was actually discovered. The centrosaurus was same size as a cow, however, much dumber than a cow.

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