Saturday, July 17, 2010

Latest News on Dinosaurs

According to paleontologists, a three-horned dinosaur long which known as Torvosaurus is actually represented as an adult Triceratops.

Sunday, July 18 is opening day for Dinosaur Downs Speedway, as they will be hosting four categories of racing at the new track.

According to the research, both the reptiles are actually the distinct dinosaur at different stages of growth.

Runners are lining up for the first Community Futures Dinosaur Valley Half Marathon, and so far, it is mostly women.

A century-old belief holds that Triceratops and Torvosaurus represent two different dinosaur species.

Clifton achieved the milestone win on the card’s opening race, guiding two-year-old colt Dinny Dinosaur to victory in a five-furlong maiden claiming race.

A new American study has debunked over a 100 years of thought regarding the dinosaurs known as Triceratops and Torosaurus at Washington, July 17.

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