Monday, July 19, 2010

Three Horned Dinosaurs

A three-horned dinosaur long known as Torvosaurus may essentially symbolize an adult Triceratops, according to paleontologists.

The terminations overturn a century-old belief about Triceratops and Torvosaurus on behalf of two different dinosaur species.
Triceratops had a three-horned skull with a short frill, compare with the superior frill of the three-horned Torvosaurus skull that integrated two large holes.

Ancient time’s puzzlement makes sense, because young dinosaur skulls altered significantly as the animals grew up, Scannella, a paleontologist noted the Triceratops skulls .

The paleontologists drew upon a 10-year study of the Hell Creek Formation in Eastern Montana, which yielded Triceratops skulls ranging from the size of footballs to the size of small cars.

The specimens dated back to the Cretaceous Period that ended with mass dinosaur destruction around 65 million years ago.

By distinction, Torosaurus specimens appeared much rarer, and none came from young immature animals. All the skulls revealed by researchers appeared huge.

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