Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aussie Dinosaurs' Digs

A novice paleontologist who is an expert on a dinosaur dig in outback Queensland in the hope of finding 100-million-year-old fossils.Along with paleontologist, about 40 children and adults will participate in the dig.

The dig would hollow out a site where two dinosaurs were discovered four years ago, said by Queensland Museum paleontologist Dr Scott Hocknull.He also said that "It was Banjo (Australovenator) the most complete meat-eating dinosaur in Australia and Matilda (Diamantinasaurus) a giant plant-eating dinosaur".

The annual dig was open to the public but had been booked out,said by Mr Hocknull.He also said that,"We're bringing in people who have never seen, dug or handled a dinosaur bone in their life and training them to be modern paleontologists in a matter of weeks".

He said bone discoveries by farmers in the district were in many cases just the tip of the iceberg.The dig runs from August 15 until September 4.

North-eastern Australia has the lion's share of dinosaur fossil discoveries because of a giant inland sea, 100 million years ago, he said.

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