Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Huge Dinosaur graveyard Excavated in North East

A field of untouched fossilized  dinosaur remains near Tumbler Ridge, B.C., proving that giant plant- and meat-eating prehistoric animals roamed northeastern British Columbia millions of years ago were discovered by a team of Researchers.

Last month during a three-day expedition into a remote forested area in B.C.’s Peace River area, Paleontologist Richard McCrea and his four-person research team made the discovery.

McCrea said, with up to 150 kilograms of fossilized dinosaur remains found on the surface, there was no digging required.

“We have bones from plant-eating dinosaurs and we have some bones from large meat-eating dinosaurs, probably a tyrannosaur,” he said.

“We did a sweep and the indications are pretty good we probably have quite a lot of bones in that area,” said McCrea. “We could possibly start two excavations in two widely separated areas we had explored. Things look promising.”

McCrea said the volunteer-operated paleontology research centre will run out of funds within a month because its annual grant from Tumbler Ridge’s municipal government was cut to $152,000 from $200,000 this year.

“We’re picking up the slack,” he said. “We have this amateur volunteer organization that’s taken on what should be a provincial responsibility and we’re doing a damn good job with the few resources we have.”

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