Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Research on Tyrannosaurus Rex

The status of the Tyrannosaurus rex, previously the badass of the dinosaur world — just got a modest seedier; new research shows it took part in cannibalistic behavior.

The Canadian and U.S. paleontologists reveals facts that showing the Tyrannosaurus rex ate members of its own species, a report published Friday on the online science journal.

A few years ago, Yale University researcher Nick Longrich gave additional reflection to some large teeth marks he had found on a dinosaur bone exposed in Montana.

He said it dawned on him the bite marks had to come from a Tyrannosaurus rex, since it was the only large carnivore in North America 65 million years ago, the era the fossil was known to have come from. It also became apparent the bone itself was from a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Succeeding examinations of dinosaur bones from numerous museum collections exposed additional bites, signifying Tyrannosaurus rex-on-Tyrannosaurus rex eating action was quite common.

"If you think about the way these big carnivores are, they're designed to eat other big animals, and they are also big animals," Longrich said.He noted that many animals alive today, such as alligators and bears, are known to eat each other. "Modern animals are cannibalistic quite often."

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