Wednesday, April 6, 2011


During a construction plan in the production district of the Chinese city Zhucheng, workers open a large attention of fossils, ironic at the same time as the construction work was for a historical museum. Exposed among the fossils was a latest species of dinosaur, dubbed Zhuchengtyrannus Magnus. The skeletons are expected to be around 70 million years old. And it is the new type of dinosaur recently exposed in China.

David Hone, a paleontologist at the University College Dublin in Ireland and the guide examiner at the site, told Life Science: "We named the latest species called Zhuchengtyrannus Magnus, which means the ‘Huge bully from Zhucheng,' because the skeletons were establish in the city of Zhucheng, is in eastern China's Shandong region." The carnivorous Zhuchengtyrannus is can be classified as a Tyrannosauruses, piece of the theropods collection which includes the recognized Tyrannosaurus Rex. Fossils of the Tyrannosaurus Rex were first exposed in 1892, and related to that predator dinosaur, the Zhuchengtyrannus was probable about 13 feet tall and about 6 tons weight. These are near the beginning estimates, at this time only the skull and jaw bones have been formally identified. Its value mentioning that the Zhuchengtyrannus finding is just a little smaller than the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex ever found; with this, there is possible that with more example discoveries, this dinosaur might be larger than the Tyrannosaurus Rex on standard. The geek publication Wired noted that paleontologist Xu Xing, who has named over more than 30 dinosaur species, is with Hone's team in the dig, which will carry on awaiting the area is cleared to continue construction.
Zhuchengtyrannus Magnus

Magnus was an affiliate of the tyrannosaur’s collection gigantic, bipedal theropods similar to the a few details about good old Zhuch: Its carnivore approximately the equal size and weight as a double-decker bus. It is believed to be a relative of the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex. And it is one of the biggest meat-eating dinosaurs known to scientists Asian Tarbosaurus and everyone is preferred meat-eating dinosaur.
They roamed North America and eastern Asia throughout the late Cretaceous stage, from more or less 99 to 65 million years ago, awaiting the group dinosaur extinction. Zhuchengtyrannus stand out from the bunch and was recognized as a species in its own right due to exceptional features in its skull and teeth. That is all the researchers have to leave on, although, since some jaw bones and a piece of the skull is all they have establish of this extinct lizard.

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