Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Collection of Feathered Fossils

Our restricted and traditionally important group of feathered fossils is the largest complete set of replicas accessible for display outside of China. Transmit from particularly well- preserved originals in partial quantities, this collection is extremely detailed and represents the remarkable paleontological discoveries of the past decade. The collection contains together theropods and birds from the early on Cretaceous and allows the guest to watch the close association between dinosaurs and birds. The novel of feathered dinosaurs is featured in our indoor exhibitions

The exclusive group of real fossils displayed in our Dinosaur Bones: Titans of the Ruyang exhibition have never earlier than been displayed outside of Asia. The absolute size of the individual pieces such as the 2.35 meter femur of the Huanghetitan ruyangenis and the whole Macroelongotoolithus egg nest are out of this world.

Until the modern discovery of the Huanghetitan ruyangensis and the Ruyangosaurus giganteus no further dinosaur fossils had been found in Henan Province even though thousands upon thousands of eggs had been found. Both of these dinosaurs lived in the similar situation but must have engaged dissimilar ecological niches in classify to stay alive.

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