Sunday, July 17, 2011

Youngest Dinosaur Fossil originate in Montana: Huge evidence for death Theory

A dinosaur fossil supposed to be the youngest ever found was discovered by Yale scientists in Montana's Hell Creek formation, a study published in Biology Letters exposed. The detection of the fossil provided unprecedented maintain for the theory that dinosaurs were wiped out by a huge meteor or related cosmic body that struck the earth.

Subscribers to the challenging theory - that dinosaurs slowly became destroyed before the cosmic impact - have piercing to the absence of any non-avian dinosaur fossils hidden within 10 feet of the K-T boundary, a geological signature in the earth's outer layer that represents the metro’s supposed point of crash. "To all of our shock the border line was no more than 13 centimeters higher than this horn, and the meaning is this indicates that at least some dinosaurs were doing rather well in this environment at the time of the meteor impact," Tyler Lyson, the study's lead author, says Avian dinosaurs are thought to have survived the cosmic occasion and evolved into modern-day birds.

The innovation does not completely rule out the option that dinosaurs were previously on their way to becoming destroyed - fossil proceedings specify that dinosaurs were in refuse prior to the cosmic event. Having found "one dinosaur in the gap doesn't essentially fake the idea that dinosaurs were slowly declining in numbers," Tyler Lyson told Live Science. "However, this locate indicates that at least some dinosaurs were burden fine right up to the K-T boundary." Even though the researchers have been incapable to decide the fossils exact age, they are confident it is the youngest non-avian dinosaur fossil originates thus far, and consider that it lived between "tens of thousands of years to just a few thousand years before the crash." The research group is ongoing to investigate for more fossils in that area.

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