Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rare Dinosaurs Are Exhibit in Paris

Three exceptional dinosaur fossils and a number of extra fossils and minerals is being exhibit in Paris earlier than going under the hammer at auction. Sotheby's have exposed three previously unidentified dinosaur specimens. Along with the three, the emphasize is a Prosaurolophus Maximums dinosaur mummy establish in the US state of Montana - measuring 11 meters long and predictable to obtain a cost of between 1.2 and 1.5 million Euros. The primitive beast was established mummified with pieces of skin still able to be seen. The information that it is 95 percent whole makes it a exclusive a very rare piece.

Additional highlights contain a 175 million years old Suuwassea Emiliae dinosaur. A kind of herbivore diplodocus which lived at the closing stages of the Jurassic area 147 million years ago and at the present estimated between 900000 and 1. 200000 Euros. There are no more than two specimens of this sort known in the world. The final major piece is a 98 percent total Tenontosaurus from the Early Cretaceous period and expected to obtain among 600000 and 700 000 Euros.

In addition to the skeletons, 85 substances from secretive and public European and American collections are also being displayed. Dinosaur fans, together with and without money to offer on these resources, can have a high regard for the exhibited pieces

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