Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Footprints of dinosaur has been establish in Beijing suburb

For more than 160 million years, dinosaurs were the leading terrestrial vertebrates on Earth. And China is wealthy in their fossilized leftovers. So, let's expend an instant with the scientists who walk in the foot prints of the dinosaurs. After 4 months of researching these huge footprints, experts have established that Yanqing county of Beijing was populated by dinosaurs over 140 million years ago.

This hillside is very probable to have been a soft river bank back then. But even from a limited print that was left at the rear, it's still possible to verify that both carnivore and herbivore dinosaurs previously gathered here. This type would have formed a great biological chain a real live "Jurassic Park." Zhang Jianping, executive of Geological Park Eval. Cntr, Univ. of Geosciences, said, "It's extremely significant for studying the work and behavior of dinosaurs over 140 million years ago. It's also important for the worldwide study of dinosaurs."

While Beijing experts learn path, in the Qijiang county of Chongqing Municipality, dinosaurs really "stand up". It all in progress when some footprints were originates in June of 2010. After migration, 82 fossils at Qijiang Museum of Natural History were all noticeable in order to be put together. The researchers had half of the dinosaur fossils, and following some cleaning up, the skeleton was very clear. Even so, it took them more than 5 months of restore and renovation to produce this 4 meter tall, 20 meter long mid-sized dinosaur. They map to place it on show for free after Spring Festival. Ever since 2003, more than 200 footprints have been found in Qijiang.

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