Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Russian Scientist Says 'Dinosaur Eggs' establish in Chechnya essentially Rocks

A Russian paleontologist on Thursday debunked an exciting statement about fossilized dinosaur eggs having been establishing in a rocky hillside in Chechnya, saying the "eggs" were most probable just rocks. No dinosaur bones have ever been establish in Chechnya and eggs of the size exposed would be a first, said Alexander Karkhu of the Paleontology organization, part of the Russian Academy of Sciences, RIA-Novosti reported on Thursday.
Dinosaur Eggs
"It is absolutely geology. Eggs of dinosaurs that range have never been seen before. At the similar time, there have been rather diverse discoveries that look similar to eggs: spherical, oval, ellipsoid shapes with the aim of non-biological in basis," Karkhu said. He told that he had viewed video of the substance and was about confident they were not eggs. Past week, geologists from Chechen State University told that they had established regarding 40 things ranging from 25 centimeters to 1 meter in diameter that they consideration were dinosaur eggs.

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