Thursday, July 5, 2012

World's Largest Dinosaur Eggs - The Facts Are knotted

Dinosaur egg

Chechnya's huge Dinosaur Egg Discovery - Doubts Raised
Previous this week we were sent some pictures taken by a team of scientists who were investigative what was thought by a number of observers to be the fossilized remains of dinosaur eggs. There have been a substantial number of stories about this discovery in newspapers, journals and in both on-line and off-line media. Edifice workers responsibility the building of a new road were blasting their way through a hillside near the Chechen border with Georgia when the detection of more than forty, strange, spherical objects entrenched in the hillside was made. The strange objects, ranging in size from a few centimeters across to a whopping 1.02 meters were described as being dinosaur eggs and their discovery led to a "scramble" among scientists to learn more.
Stimulating Find in Chechnya
Dinosaur fossils are practically unknown from this part of south-eastern Europe. To find a whole array of dinosaur eggs, some of them three times the size of any other eggs recognized from the fossil record is truly extraordinary.
The Chechnya region has suffered in the past twenty years or so as separatist movements fought with Russia in a bid to form a sovereign state. The war-torn region has had millions of pounds (GBP equivalent) of state aid poured into it in a bid to improve the living circumstances for the local population, the road building project was one such regional growth measure, however, the planners did not "eggspect" to have a dinosaur egg pursue on their hands.

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