Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Can dinosaur Come back to life?

The last Bucardo - a particular species of a wild goat was vanished on Jan. 6,2000. This wild mountain goat was named as Celia was crushed to death by a falling tree on the cliffs of  the Spanish Pyrenees which turns her to history. Because she is the last one of her kind. 

A Group of Spanish scientist had an idea of bring the species Celia back to life. Ten months earlier they took the sample of her with the hope to de-extinct the species.Two years later the DNA taken from Celia's tissue is injected into goat eggs that had been stripped of with their own genetic material. After some powerful electrical jolt, the cells starts to multiply. The embryos were embedded into the womb of substitute mother goats and most of the pregnancies failed except one.

Finally history was created on July 30,2003 one of the Celia's clone was born. Making place in the history that for the first time ever a species comes back from extinction. Unfortunately she could last only for 7 minutes. She a bad health and her lungs were not formed properly. It is only species till now had gone extinction twice till now. 

Using the same concept scientist believe that they can de-extinct the dinosaurs. The most important source needed for it is a dinosaurs DNA but all we have is the remaining portion of the dinosaur in the form of stone fossils.     

In 1990's many discoveries claimed to have retrieved DNA from a 80 million-year-old dinosaur bone but those were fake claims. It was proved by the Noble prize winning  Tomas Lindahl who is biochemist. It is because of the way DNA breaks down. He proves that it cannot survive such a long time frame. In 2012 his claim was proved by a study that half-life of DNA is just 521 years. So after 6.8 million years every single link of the DNA will be dead. It is impossible to retrieve DNA from such old fossils.

The scientist haven't lost their hopes. Still they are searching for the DNA because they believe that they can bring these extinct creatures back to life.

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