Monday, January 9, 2017

Dinosaurs tracks shows that they might have hunted in packs

Round footprint of some vegetarian dinosaur probably Zuniceratops

Paleontologist found the footsteps of three carnivorous dinosaur which are of different sizes in the White Mountains. They also discovered the tracks of some other vegetarian dinosaurs around those places. Because of these clues, the scientists predict they hunt in pack to eat. On examining the tracks the scientist thinks these tracks belong to a group of Tyrannosaurs.

Scientist discovered other fossils and tracks to suggest that the dinosaurs hunt in packs, but the evidence they have is not enough to prove this behavior. Because it is about the things that humans can never go back in time and see. Dino tracks are the most important evidence which helps to know about its type.

The footprints of the first carnivorous reptiles were first discovered in rocky corner in New Mexico by the land-management bureau. The scientist discovered 13 footprints of three flesh eating dinosaurs of sizes: small, medium and large. The size, shape and depth of the three footprints directs to Tyrannosaurs. These tracks where discovered parallel to each other and goes in a straight line which indicates that the dinosaurs move in a group.

Another round footprint was discovered from the same place. The scientist predict that it can a vegetarian horned dinosaur of Triceratops family. The suggestion is Zuniceratops, the dinosaur with small horns. Because of this incident to scientist things that they hunt as packs but it can only be a possibility because herbivorous dinosaurs are also not loners.

At one Canadian site, the paleontologist discovered a collection of fossils of Tyrannosaurs of different age group. These reptiles died together as a family. Because of this the scientist suggests that the dinosaurs stick together. With all these evidences and footprints the scientists suggests that they stay in packs. But they are researching further more to prove it.  


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